Halftime: Age 39 and Beyond

Older than 39?

Looking for a supplemental worship experience?

Love singing songs in worship?

Enjoy hearing and discussing a message?

Searching for ways to use your gifts?

Seeking new horizons and challenges?

Ready to move from success to significance?

The journey begins in January 2013!

Halftime is a monthly supplemental worship experience during which we will examine what God is calling us to do in the second half of our lives (age 39+). The name "Halftime" evokes images of taking a break, assessing progress, planning for the future, and implementing the plan.

In his book, Halftime, Bob Buford states that during the first half of our lives, we have been involved in the race to establish ourselves in our chosen profession and to achieve security. Often we don’t listen for that "still, small voice" as it seeks to guide us. He challenges us to look for our "truest purpose," our "life work," our "destiny." He asks us what we would like to be remembered for.

To explore these questions and others, join us for Halftime . . . coming January 2013.