Meet the Session

The Session of Providence Presbyterian Church consists of nine elders in active service and Pastor Mary Montei Clark, who serves as moderator. It is responsible for the mission and government of the church. Our Session seeks to be a leadership team that discerns, casts vision, shares ideas, and builds up each other and the church. Every voice is heard, and the Session represents the thoughts, feelings, and ideas of the entire congregation.

Class of 2017

Joan Rommes—Evangelical Missions

Joan can be reached at

Aggie Roebuck—Fellowship

Aggie can be reached at

Barry South—Discipleship

Barry can be reached at

Christine South—Administration/Communication

Christine can be reached at

Class of 2018

Bob Ellis—Stewardship

Bob can be reached at

Mary Mastrangelo—Worship

Mary can be reached at

Class of 2019

Dodi Berry—Nurture

Dodi can be reached at

Steve Crenshaw—Building and Grounds

Steve can be reached at

Leslie Hayes Rey—Clerk of Session

Leslie can be reached at