Meet the Staff

Administrative Assistant

Amy Fletcher Messer

Amy Fletcher MesserIf you step into the office at Providence these days and have a feeling of "deja vu”—a deep-seated sense that you've known that new administrative assistant for years and years—you're right.

You may remember her as a preschooler in the old trailer days. Maybe as an elementary school student in a Logos class or lifting her voice in song with the Logos choir alongside Bethany Andrews, Sarah Clever, Emily Forsyth, Jessi Gadomski, and Brittny Roberts. Maybe as a student at Davidson High School. Or perhaps as she headed off to college at South.

Amy Fletcher Messer first came to Providence with her parents, Tom and Laura Fletcher, as a four-year-old, as best she can remember, and she was active in the church through all her elementary and high-school years.

At South she studied psychology, not really sure what sort of career she planned but knowing that people are always interesting and that she couldn't go wrong in learning more about them.

Summers during high school and all through college, she worked part-time at the Independent Living Center. At first, she answered phones at the day program for special needs adults. By the time she graduated, she was working as an aide, helping in classes and working her way up to a post as an independent living specialist.

"I loved it," she said, but eight years was enough.

She moved on to Dixon Elementary School in Irvington, where she was a technology para-professional, running the computer lab, keeping the computers in working order, and teaching computer basics to the children.

Along the way, her long-time friendship with Jeremy Messer progressed to something even more important than friendship, and four years ago, the two were married.

Through it all, Amy has spent time each year on mission trips to Guatemala. "I love doing missions in Guatemala," Amy says. "I've been to Guatemala eight times with a variety of churches. I even convinced Dad to come along last year. Jeremy and I sponsor a little girl, Adela, at Casa Para Niños children's home in San Bartolome. This is the first summer in a long time that I haven't gotten to visit her. The Guatemala-shaped hole in my heart is feeling very empty!"

When son Aiden was born on Valentine's Day 2013, a full-time job at an elementary school wasn't right any longer, so she spent several months at home with their infant son before joining the Providence staff in late May 2013, bringing Aiden to work with her. February 20, 2015, brought another change to the Messer household when daughter Ansley was born. Now Ansley accompanies Amy to work while Aiden enjoys quality time with his Messer and Fletcher Wilson grandmothers.

Amy says she enjoys the church work because she interacts with people all day and fills the time with repetitive tasks that she finds very satisfying. "I love to accomplish a lot of small tasks all day long," she says, and she also enjoys the creativity of designing slides and bulletins.

Amy and Jeremy, who is the band director at Davidson High School, attend North Mobile Baptist, where he plays in the orchestra, she sings in the choir, and both enjoy the nurture and support of a young marrieds small group. (By Nedra Bloom; reprinted from Providence Press, July 2013; updated April 2023)

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Director of Music Ministries

Laura Fletcher Wilson

Laura Fletcher Wilson serves as Providence's Director of Music Ministries. She is responsible for the Choir, the accompanist, the Praise Band, and congregational singing.

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Jude Mosley

Jude takes care of entering all of the lyrics, scripture, and other information into MediaShout and running the computer and projectors during worship services.

Adria Mosley

Adria is responsible for setting up the camera and filming the Sunday worship service for presentation on Facebook.

Discipletown Worker

Amy Westerberg

Amy Westerberg leads our children, age 3 to second grade, each Sunday with special Christian stories, crafts, and activities designed especially for them.

Praise Band

Steve Crenshaw and Jimmy Roebuck

Along with Laura Fletcher Wilson on the piano, Steve and Jimmy fill out the Praise Band. Steve plays bass, and Jimmy plays the drums.